In the Press

‘Inui convinces by an overall mastery which places it among the most important versions among modern references.’

Crescendo Magazine

‘Admirers of self-confident bravura and symbolism will find much to enjoy in Noé Inui’s account of these wonderful Ysaÿe sonatas.’


‘Noé Inui presented a thrilling, virtuosic performance as soloist in Mendelssohn’s violin concerto. His ‘singing’ tone and form note to note radiant intensity characterized this dynamic interpretation. A major young star on the violin horizon!’

Kleine Zeitung, Klagenfurt, Austria

‘The soloist in Bruch’s Violin Concerto freed this masterwork from all the usual clichés and underscored its glowing melodic and harmonic richness.’

Neue Rhein Zeitung, Oberhausen, Germany

‘This reviewer is almost embarrassed to resort to terms like “world class”, “highlight”, and “unforgettable experience”, but they describe this performance exactly.’

Neue Rhein Zeitung, Oberhausen, Germany

‘Notable from the off is a sense of real partnership with pianist Vassilis Varvaresos. There’s something undeniably attractive about Inui’s light, lean interpretation.’


‘Violinist Noé Inui is a talent destined for a brilliant career.’

La Nación, Argentina. Festival performance with Martha Argerich

‘Anyone taking care of Ysaÿe’s sonatas must inevitably face comparison. Noé Inui’s playing is technically flawless. In addition, he gives his performances a luminous tone full of character.’


‘The players invested every phrase with structural and expressive import, integrating each passage deliberately into a grand scheme.’

The Birmingham News

‘The final work on the program is Mr. Elo’s ‘Shape’ for 24 dancers set to the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Symphony nr 9 and the 2nd and 3rd movement of the composer’s Violin Concerto in D, brilliantly performed by Noé Inui.’

The New York Times

‘A violinist of mesmerizing energy and tremendous talent, his New York debut demonstrated the breadth of his playing. An explosive demonstration of his talent not only to impress audiences, but also to transport them into and beyond the music.’

The Strad

‘At last! A complete recording of Ysaÿe’s six solo violin sonatas by a Belgian, and very good too.’

The Strad (Recommended Recording March 2020)

‘Violinist Noe Inui’s Dazzling Pyrotechnics. Mr. Inui burned through the piece with obvious passion, relish, and delight which is exactly how his audience received it.’

The Washington Times