Identity – Music for Violin and Piano

Noé Inui & Mario Häring

Karol Szymanowski (1882–1937)
Sonata for Violin and Piano in D Minor, Op. 9
Nocturne and Tarantella for Violin and Piano, Op. 28

Claude Debussy (1862–1918)
Sonata in G minor for Violin and Piano

Erwin Schulhoff (1894–1942)
Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano

Leoš Janácek (1854–1928)
Sonata for Violin and Piano

Mario Häring: ‘The reason why we are able to empathize with the search for one’s own sound and musical expression, and thus one’s identity as a composer, is that we musicians are always looking for our own interpretation and means of expression. As world citizens with a mixed cultural background, Noé and I are always confronted with the fundamental question of our own identity.’

‘For the selection on this recording we focused on works by European composers written before, during and after the First World War – roughly a century ago. The musical diversity during this period is truly fascinating. At the end of the 19th century, composers increasingly tried to liberate themselves from musical traditions and let their imagination run free. Just like the European nation states of that time, composers were searching for their own (musical) identity. Our intent with this album is to illustrate their search for new sounds, tone colours and forms. We want to take our listeners on a journey to a European musical identity, to pique their curiosity and to invite them to discover new musical worlds from that era.’

– From the booklet notes

‘Intelligent programming and ideal performances. Noé Inui shows a good deal of tonal versatility. Häring, throughout, matches Inui’s intensity very well.’

The Strad

‘A performance with a purposeful sense of direction and great personality. Throughout there’s sensitive control of dynamics, instinctive phrasing and, most of all, an underlying freshness and spontaneity. It is comparable to the best versions available.’